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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.

A collection of ready-to-taste cocktails

Enjoy the quality of cocktails bars in your own sweet home.

Mixology’s classics « made in France » and rich and beautiful aromatic personalities

No need to have the full bartending attire, a fully stocked cellar with high quality spirits or the basics of cocktail-making to enjoy delicious cocktails at home.

1 glass + 1 large-size ice cube + 1 dose of your cocktail

That’s it ! Enjoy your drink !

Spirits with a twist.

Enjoy your cocktails with a quirkier and more charming note. Sometimes it only takes a small detail to turn a coincidence into an unforgettable moment. These singular editions of Gin and Old Tom Gin (sweeter gin), are ideal to be used in cocktails such as Gin Tonic.

1 large-size glass filled with ice + 5 cl. of Gin or Old Tom + 15 cl. of a good-quality tonic + one dry hibiscus flower. Enjoy your drink!

Who are we ?

Our inspiration comes from the book « L’Heure du Cocktail» by Marcel Requien and Lucien Farnoux-Reynau and published in the midst of the Roaring Twenties in 1927. This seminal book is dedicated to Balbine, a muse and a metaphor of a light-hearted era.

Balbine is free, cheerful, refined and French and has all qualities that we want to make ours: elegance, quality, freedom, authenticity and a unique character.

The history of the cocktail.

With the universal exhibitions, Europeans discover cocktails they enjoy in ‘American Bars’. Due to the prohibition law in the United States at the 1920s, many bartenders fly away the country and some put down their bags in Europe.

People enjoy cocktails such as Manhattan, Negroni, French 75, Old Fashioned, Dry Martini and many other beverages.

From The 1920ies 20
To the 20th century

the renewal of the cocktail

After years of indifference, cocktails are back in grace, like gastronomy and oenology before them. Cocktails drinks have become more subtle, elaborate and qualitative. New flavors have been invented, and new fragrances encourage discovery. 

Balbine Spirits is part of this dynamic and aims at participating in the democratization of cocktail. We want to pay tribute but also to revisit the legacy of the golden age of cocktails, to adapt and innovate with its heritage in mind.

Our cocktail-making

We can not just do it like everybody else! Each bottle must tell a story, let a melody unfold  with each sip.

Our cocktail-making process is all about innovation. We do not blend commercial products but carefully mix French premium spirits, macerated in plants and spices. This approach allows us to orchestrate aromas and flavours.

Along, with a producer from Cognac, a barman and a perfumer, several combinations have been experimented before elaborating the ones that will bring you the most emotions. As with any good alchemist, our recipes remain a secret !

Cocktail is a gastronomic French kiss.

’L’heure du cocktail’
Marcel Requien - Lucien Farnoux-Reynaud

Negroni Français

This cocktail is from Florence, Italy and was invented by Count Negroni who, at the beginning of the 1920s, advised the bartender of Caffè Casoni to substitute soda for gin.

It is a blend of organic gin, Pineau des Charentes, herbs and spices. It elegance and character with a touch of bitterness will be perfect for your aperitif.

Old Fashioned Français

It is impossible to know how old this cocktail is, but it is from a time when bitters were associated with sugar and alcohol before being tasted.

Our Old Fashioned has a strong character, yet you'll be seduced by its breath and its slightly bitter and spicy flavour.

Manhattan Français

The Manhattan has become a classic since the 1880s. Its balance and personality has inspired many other cocktails.

It is a blend of French malt eau de vie, Pineau des Charentes and aromatic plants. Its balanced structure tells its eloquent story and its body will be bring a nuanced finale.

Boulevardier Français

In 1927 in Paris, two American expatriates, Arthur Moss & Erskine Gwynne, founded the magazine the Boulevardier. To celebrate this launch Harry McElhone creates an eponymous cocktail.

The subtle blend of a single French malt, Pineau des Charentes and aromatic plants offers a nice alternative to the Negroni with these warm and aromatic notes.

Americano Français

Classic among the classics, this cocktail is a worldwide celebrity. It was called the Milano-Torino at first, then renamed Americano to celebrate the Americans' arrival in the 1910s-1920s.

Adding soda will make you travel between bitterness and freshness. Aficionados will simply love it!


Cock-a-doodle-do, our gin is elaborated in Charente-Maritime with seven herbs and spices. It is distilled in the French Stupfler® still, which adds a lot of aromas. You will taste the juniper berries and coriander in this ample and fresh gin. You will rediscover the Gin Tonic with this pink-coloured obtained with the maceration of plants.

Old Tom Gin

The Old Tom Gin is the paramount of elegance, with a hit of sweetness through the added sugar. The colour of our Old Tom also adds a visual experiment. Fresh, full and aromatic, it is perfect for cocktail. You will be impressed when you discover the amazing story of the drink, elaborated during the British 18th century prohibition.


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